About - BapWrap

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Bap Wrap is a small, handmade, discrete, clip-on breastfeeding cover, it has been designed to give people more confidence when feeding in public.

After my second child was born I began thinking about breastfeeding covers as the one I had was so large it covered him entirely, was awkward to use, made him hot and unhappy and neither of us liked it. The cover was as far from discrete and easy to use as you could get. I noticed that a lot of breastfeeding mums used a muslin or scarf to protect their modesty, draping over their shoulder or even using a clothes peg to keep it in place. I felt there must be an alternative out there which would make breastfeeding in public an easier and happier bonding experience.

After lots of research, and when I couldn't find a cover on the market which would allow me to keep my modesty, be discrete and maintain eye contact with my little one whilst feeding, I decided to make a few prototypes of covers I thought would work. These were trialled by my local breastfeeding group and friends with babies to ensure the cover really did fit the bill of helping mums breastfeed in public easily and discretely while ensuring baby was happy too.

After using the cover myself I noticed that my little one, who was now older, had started looking for something to hold in his hand whilst feeding. At that point I decided to add the "fiddle beads" to the cover to keep him happy and busy.

After speaking to other mums I realised there was a potential market for an alternative to the covers available, I decided to take my idea to market and the Bap Wrap was born.

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